Critter Watching

Swimming Buck
Family of Ducklings
Wild Turkeys
Deer herd

Reading from left to right:
  1. This buck was swimming across Brownlee Reservoir
    from the Oregon side to the Idaho side.
    Hope he had his Idaho Swimming License.

  2. The mama duck lead her ducklings all the way
    across the Powder Arm of the Snake River.
    Quite a distance for such little ducks

  3. These Wild Turkeys were photographed just west of Copperfield Campground

  4. This herd of deer were seen just west of Hewitt Park boat ramp.

Mountain Goat
Osprey Nest
Sealion Rock
Don't drink the water

Reading from left to right:
  1. This lone goat was below Hell's Canyon dam
    Actually, he's not alone ----
    notice another head peeking out below the rock to the right

  2. Osprey nest on north bank of Phillips Reservoir

  3. Sealions at Cabo san Lucas near the Arch

  4. This deer decided to foul my fishing spot.
    Bears are not alone when it
    comes to going potty in the woods.

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