Odds and Ends

57 inch Willamette River Sturgeon

This picture was taken on the Willamette River just up river from the city of Portland, Oregon.

U.S.S. Scania     AKA 40

This is a picture of the U.S.S. Scania. I boarded this ship in January of 1947 at pier 91, Seattle, Washington in route to Adak, Alaska. In route, we stopped over at; Bangar, Wa., Kodiak, Alaska and Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The trip took eighteen days in all. We layed over in Dutch Harbor a couple of days to beat two inches of ice off of the superstructure. When leaving the harbor, we had to have an ice breaker ship open up the path so we could get underway under our own power. The ice on the harbor was over two feet thick. I can remember standing in the bow of the ship as we were leaving and watching the ice turn up on edge as we plowed though it. The Scania was mothballed in June of the same year.