The Linzel Family

A.E.Linzel 1st.
Aug 13, 1831
June 20, 1904.
Mary Foehl Linzel
Jan. 1, 1834
Mar. 7, 1918

August Edward Linzel (the Writer's great grandfather) was born in Norhausen, Germany in 1831. It was his parents wish that he enter the ministry but after considerable studies in Theology he elected to become a craftsman. At age 22 he, like many other young men in that part of the Germany, left his homeland to seek his fortune in the United States. The steamship "Mathilde" was boarded by young Linzel in Bremen, Germany. It arrived in New York in August of 1853. When being processed through Ellis Island, his trade was listed as "mechanic" . After clearing customs in New York, he proceeded to the German section of Philadelphia, Pa.. There he met and married Mary Foehl. They lived there for approximately two and one half years. Their first child, Amelia, was born in Philadelphia. Seeking greener pastures the Linzels next moved to St. Louis, Missouri. While in St. Louis, Linzel worked as a "Master Gunsmith" for the Demick Gun Company and also as an independent entrepreneur. A.E. Linzel Jr. and his younger sister, Lula,were born while the family lived in Missouri. The Civil War was in full swing during this period. In the Fall of 1869 the Linzel's left St. Louis and headed down the Mississippi River and up the Arkansas River to Little Rock, Arkansas. Shortly after their arrival in Little Rock, the Senior Linzel established "A. E. Linzel and Son" on East Markham Street. The initial function of this business was the manufacture and repair of firearms and the sale of munitions. In the early 1880's, the younger Linzel established himself as an expert in the Locksmith trade under the same roof. This business, under Linzel ownership, remained active through three generations.

The senior Linzel never felt comfortable with the English language but was a skilled and sought after orator in the German communities of both St. Louis and Little Rock. He reportedly spoke in German at the "laying of the cornerstone" of the Court House in St. Louis, Mo. He was well schooled in the German Classics. During his lifetime he made nine trips back to his homeland. The properties at 1515, 1519, and 1523 South Main Street in Little Rock were owned by the senior Linzel. A.E. Sr. lived at 1515 and Jr. lived in the home at 1523. A.E. Linzel 3rd. was born in this house on May 7, 1899.

Amelia Linzel
A.E.Linzel 2nd.
Lula Linzel
Photo unavailable
Andrew Castelberg
Frances Ella Egan
Oct. 17,1883
F.O. Voelter

A.E.Linzel 2nd. worked closely with his father but chose to direct his energies toward the safe and locksmith trade. He built quite a reputation thoughout the state of Arkansas for his ability to open safes to which the combinations had been lost.

Both he and his father were members of the Little Rock Schuetzengilde . This was a social group formed for the purpose of competitive marksmanship with black powder caplock rifles. An example of one of the rifles used in this competition can be seen at the Arkansas Territorial Museum in Little Rock, Ark. here and was manufactured by the Senior Linzel.

Lula Mae Linzel
A.E.Linzel 3rd.
Margaret Linzel
Married------Joe Gasdorf
Dec. 3, 1908
_Mary Ellen Flinn_
Dec. 12, 1920
Married---- Russell Cody

A. E. Linzel IV
Sept. 14, 1925 -
Milton B. Linzel
July 21, 1928 -
Jesse Gray Linzel
and Winnie Doris -

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