Fishing Pictures
from the pleasant past

From Arkansas, Louisana, Gulf of Mexico
Tennessee, Washington and Oregon

Featuring: Moe Linzel
Dad & Mother
plus others

Many happy memories

Moe and Dad
Linda Smith's backyard
Little Rock, Ark.
Bass limit from
Bayou Desiard
Monroe, Louisiana
Mom did fish
before wedlock
circa 1920

Five lb. Large mouth bass
Black Bayou --Monroe, La.
Steve Linzel's
first steelhead
Clackamas River
19 # Channel catfish
Lake Claborne

Davey Linzel, Moe Linzel and
Tony Pietromonaco
Ilwaco King Salmon
Everett, Washington
Mick Linzel
aboard the Gypsy Lady
Gulf of Mexico
Bayou Desiard
winter Large mouth bass
Monroe, Louisiana

Chagness' fish
Anthony Lake
Baker county, Oregon
Moe's first Steelhead
Hell's Canyon Resv.
Baker County, Oregon
Sammye's 6 1/4 Pounder
Tennesee River
Henry county, Tennessee